DHANVANTRI AYURVEDA  family is very happy to announce that indoor patient facility has been started at DHANVANTRI AYURVEDA, HAPUR.  since Ayurveda specialty is our tagline so the indoor patient service is. 

1. It is first of its kind service in north India’s private sector.
2. The main motto is to alter the bad habits in life & diet styles of a patient which slows that effect of treatment.
3. The food, the daily routine, medicine are custom made according to every patient.
4. Tasty and healthy  Ayurvedic cuisine is the main attraction.

5. physiotherapist, yoga & meditation experts visit regularly to attend the patient.
6. S.O.P is designed to attain the patient not as the patient but as a family member.
7. Indoor Patient service is mainly designed for the patients to whom, intensive and broad based, four fold Ayurveda treatment is required to carry on the treatment such as critical patients of joint pain, arthritis, paralysis, migraine, Ano-rectal disorders, severe I.B.S, etc.

This is North India’s first Ayurvedic hospital in private sector, which maintains standard operating procedures as recommended by Ministry Of Ayush, Govt. Of India.

Available facilities in I.P.D-:
1. Recliner beds with a home like feeling.
2. Air quality and temperature controlled room.
3. 24 HRS 7 DAYS resident Ayurveda doctor.
4. Physiotherapy & yoga facility.
5. Ayurveda kitchen
6. Individual assistant for disabled patients.
7. Psychiatrist visits
8.  In-House Collection of blood/urine/stool sample (If Any Test Required).
9.  On call Cardiologist/ urologist/ General Physician (if required)

First Ayurveda hospital near new Delhi, nearby n.c.r.