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What is Ayurveda-?

Ayurveda is Sanskrit word which means science of life. The Ayurveda is part of Four Vedas in Indian culture, which is the main text of all sciences across the universe. So Ayurveda is science of health which is being used since the inception of man kind across the globe. All the medicinal science which are present now days, are the anyhow branch expansion of Ayurveda. The main motto of Ayurveda is “To promote the health and to treat the disease” beside other medicinal sciences are only tend to treat the disease. Ayurveda is based upon nature. The objective of the treatment is to treat the body not disease because according to Ayurveda the seat of disease is body. If body is strong enough to fight with disease then no disease could manifest upon it either the cause is bacterial, viral or any other. You may see Ayurveda in every Indian in The food, the lifestyle, the behavior in any manner. Bharat is the first country having its own medicinal system which is as oldest as man kind.

What is Dosha-?

Dosha are the biological factors which are properly described in Ayurveda. The Dosha are considered main players which maintain health and also the causative factors of any disease and disorders. Dosha are made of five natural elements which are called MAHABHUTA e.g air,fire,earth,space,water. These five elements are the base cause of origin of galaxy, nature, our solar system as well as body. These could be hyperbole as supernatural substances.

According to the ayurveda, Dosha may be categorized as physical factors (Sharirik Dosha), psychological factors (Manasik Dosha). The first one has three types viz. VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. And the second has also three RAJAS, TAMA, and SATVA. Each Dosha have its own and unique properties and unique functions and main seats also.  The healthy state is maintained by the Dosha by working of themselves in their natural seats/functions/properties. Food and life style are the main causative factors which affects their properties.


vata Dosha is as equal as air but it should not be assumed as elemental air. Its an biological factors whose natural properties are similar of air. The properties of vata are- to move, transport another substance including other Dosha, to move in nano to macro level channels, cool & dry. The main seats of vata is pelvic  Region. This Dosha causes diseases when it gets obstructed, increased or decreased volume and poor quality. Vitiated Vata mainly causes pains, heaviness, shivering, blocking of flows (blood, hormone, enzyme, urine etc.) its main cause of vitiation are excess work, night wakeup, excess consumption of leafy vegetable/ cold water/  inhibition of natural urges, exposure of cold.


Pitta Dosha is a biological factor whose natural properties are similar of fire.  The properties of Pitta are hot, liquid, ability to transform matters. Main seat of Pitta is mid abdomen. Transformations of each and every matter of body, temperature management are due to Pitta. It causes blood disorders, auto immune disorders, fever, and skin disease when vitiated. Excess use of hot, sour, acidic food is the main cause to vitiate the Pitta.


Kapha is a biological factor whose natural properties are similar to water and earth. The properties of Kapha are cool, sticky, liquid, white, obstructive and high concentration. It’s like an stabilizing factors which stabilizes the instability of Vata, hotness of Pitta. It cooling property maintains the body temperature. It makes the all micro to macro joints, firm. It aggravates from day sleeping,