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Programmes organized by Dhanvantri Ayurveda


11/09/2013:   Free Ayurveda diagnostic camp at village Tyala, District-Hapur, Uttar Pradesh

07/10/2012:   AYURVEDA PARICHAY DIWAS  (Introduction of Ayurveda to common peoples)

21/10/2012:   PANCHKARMA  PARICHAY DIWAS (Introduction of Panchkarma to common peoples)

11/11/2012:    C.M.E & SEMINAR (Discussion on Ayurvedic concept & management of  Ano-Rectal Disorders)

08/12/2013:  C.M.E  on roll of Family Physician in Treatment of Cancer

04/05/2014:  Free Ayurvedic Diagnostic Camp

13/07/2014:   Free Ayurvedic Diagnostic Camp

19/10/2014:   Free Ayurvedic Diagnostic Camp

19/10/2014:   C.M.E  (Discussion on various diseases & their Ayurvedic Management)

02/05/2015:  SEMINAR to aware common mass against mythical information against Ayurveda

21/06/2015:   Free Ayurveda diagnostic camp on occasion of INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA 2015

21/06/2015:   Actively supported felicitation program and discussion of yoga on International Day of Yoga organized by MANAV SEWA SANSTHAN, HAPUR(An N.G.O)

16/08/2015:   Seminar on Ayurvedic management of hepatitis and various disorders

19/08/2015:   Charak Jayanti celebration and C.M.E  on diabetes and its Ayurvedic management



1.   Running free camp clinic with medicines at GURUKUL TATARPUR, HAPUR, UTTAR PRADESH in service of poor students of GURUKUL since 2014.

2.   Introduced Suvarn-Prashan sanskara, the first time in western Uttar Pradesh which is ongoing regularly since 2013.

3.   Distributing printed material & encouragement to villagers and rural dwellers to educate them about the profitability of medicinal plants available locally since 2012. (no charges are being taken since inception)

4.   Free of cost Distribution of printed material to educate common masses about Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Ayurvedic surgical procedures since 2013.

5.   Our doctors are personally indulged in the propagation of Ayurveda while participating in various functions organized by various organizations since 2011.