Our Hospital

DHANVANTRI AYURVEDA is an Ayurveda specialty clinic, situated at HAPUR, working since 3 years as specialty clinic. the management has quite broad experience in Ayurvedic treatments as now 3rd generation Vaidyas are working at the clinic.

DEPARTMENTS (For patients)

KAAYCHIKITSA - Dealing with diseases,disorders through Ayurvedic system of medicine. mainly we treats the patients with chronic disease. the dis eases of whole body falls under this section. the word KAAYCHIKITSA's English synonym is MEDICINE. means this is DEPARTMENT OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINE.

STRI-PRASOOTI ROGA- Treatment of all gynecological & obstetric disorders, disease through Ayurveda. this department solely meant for females.

SHALYA CHIKITSA-: DEPARTMENT OF AYURVEDIC SURGERIES- our clinic is well equipped with all parameters of Ayurvedic surgery. we have an well established minor operation theater for KSHAR KARMA (chemical cauterize), KSHAR SOOTRA,(thread cauterize) AGNI KARMA, (cautery) JALAUKA (Hirudotherapy). RAKTAVSECHAN (blood letting).

MANOVIGYAAN- This department deals with all complaints which have rooted in our psychology. counselling, medicines, behavior therapy, psychoanalysis, reduction therapy are provided for patients.

PANCHKARMA- Well equipped keraliya and classical panchkarma theater for chronic patients.

AHAAR-VIHAAR-: Department of Ayurvedic diet and daily/seasonal regimen. this department works with all above departments as Ayurvedic ideology defined role of diet/regimen is as important as medicine.

JARA CHIKITSA-: Department for old age patients with ageing disorders like prostate enlargement, weakness, digestion complaints etc,. this may be also called GERIATRICS in modern medical science.

ADRASH SANTAAN SADHNA-: This wing is devoted for fertility problems of both sexes, care during pregnancy, and for the couples who wishes for handsome, healthy, intelligent child. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE- HINDI ENGLISH


SWASTH VRITTA-: Motto of Ayurveda is not only to treat the disease but to take care of one's health. this department is concerned with protection of health. a health diet, healthy regimen, use of certain medication are the parts of it.

RASAYAN-: The science of rejuvenation through Ayurveda. for the people who wish to live healthy and energetic. it is for both sexes but for the peoples of above age 20 years only.

YOGA & MEDITATION-; There is an expert and well experienced yoga & meditation trainer to help the people in performing yoga and meditation according to their need.

Specialized Treatments