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Anal disease
July 4, 2017

There are three stages of the body in verbatim – health – the even state – disease. Depending on these, different conditions in the body reveal the symptoms. Absolute health is when a person is capable of doing any man’s work, both physical, mental. The slightest problem is related to the condition and if there is difficulty in doing any work, then it is called a disease state.
The basic goal of the drug is prevention of disease. This means that the ultimate benefit of drug intake is to bring a condition in the body. To achieve the health of the body, other than drug work is done. Diet to bring the body to a healthy state, Sleep and Brahmacharya are the only solution. Brahmacharya does not mean sex only, it is a compilation of many topics required for mental health. Due to the incompetent adherence of modernity, we have gone astray from these facts.
According to Ayurveda, there are chemicals to get medicine and health for the prevention of disease. Chemistry is a specialized compilation of food styles, lifestyle, mental behavior and natural ingredients that you will not find anywhere in modern science. Some people may think of this system as a myth because of ignorance but practically Yoga, Pranayama, Chyavanprash, Gilloy Sattva, Meditation etc. There are some examples of chemical arrangements with whose effects most of the benefits are currently being made.
Nature keeps its balance. When harmful food and lifestyle make the body full of toxic elements then the body functions in different ways to get rid of them themselves. Most of the seasonal diseases such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, Skin diseases, etc. are the result of these actions, which we are beginning to treat due to ignorance or a busy lifestyle or negligence, and treat the process of body. Due to this obstruction, this system of the body gets distorted and causes many fatal diseases in the future. In fact, in such cases, for the time being, instead of medicine, the right diet and life cycle is needed.
All the systems of the body want care according to the weather, therefore Ayurveda has a system of food and lifestyle according to each season. If it goes accordingly, the fear of seasonal diseases decreases. Following the seasonal steps is as easy as you wear hot clothes during the winter season and light clothes in the summer season. The only difference is that our medical system and general public have never done serious work on health care. Did
Each drug, whether it is of any kind, has a certain functioning style, the method of acceptance, the limits of work, the loss, the benefit. In fact, the use of the drug is always directed to do that last stage when the right diet, Health has not been preserved even with proper viharas. Morality is not the priority medicine of any medical science.

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